Tudor Terrace Ice Cream

Real Dairy Ice Cream'
and a selection of Soft Drinks

Our Ice cream is a truly fresh product that is made for us by
Bennetts Farms Farmhouse Ice Creams within 48 hours of the cows being milked.

Ice cream that is made using FRESH WHOLE MILK and FRESH DOUBLE CREAM with only the finest ingredients including natural flavours and colourings.

VANILLA Extra Creamy
VANILLA WITH SEEDS A dense rich vanilla with seeds
DARK CHOCOLATE Bitter chocolate
STRAWBERRY Real Strawberries and Strawberry flavour
CLOTTED CREAM Real Clotted Cream
DOUBLE CHOC CHIP Dutch Recipe Chocolate and Chocolate Chips
CAPPUCINO COFFEE Original Italian Coffee base
MORELLO CHERRY Real Cherries in every mouthful
RUM & RAISIN Marinated Raisins with real Rum
MINT CHOC CHIP Traditional Mint with Dark Chocolate
DEVON TOFFEE Real Devon Toffee pieces in a Toffee ice cream
LEMON MERINGUE A lemon flavour with mini meringue pieces
BLUEBERRY SWIRL Vanilla swirled with Blueberries
PRALINES AND CREAM Praline flavour with caramel sauce and pecan nuts
BANANA FUDGE Real Banana with a fudge sauce
CHOCOLATE DUO Dark chocolate swirled with White chocolate
HONEYCOMBE Vanilla with honeycombed toffee pieces
VANILLA FUDGE BROWNIES Vanilla with Chocolate sauce and Chocolate Brownies
CRÈME BRULEE Caramel ice cream with burnt sugar candy pieces

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

COCONUT & PINEAPPLE Coconut ice cream with pineapple pieces
PISTACCHIO Authentic pistachio flavour with Pistachios
MAPLE WALNUT Maple Flavour with candied Walnuts
HONEY & GINGER Honey ice cream with chunks of stem ginger
AMARETTO Amaretto liqueur with Amaretto biscuits
WHITE CHOCOLATE White chocolate ice cream with pieces
AFTER DINNER MINT White Buttermint ice cream laced with chocolate

All subject to availability

Contact: A J Burns-Mace
Telephone No: 01543 263951
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.30
Subject to Weather