TUDOR ROW is an exclusive shopping arcade in the cathedral city of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The Row provides locals and visitors alike with an alternative gateway to the city, creating an interesting link of the old city to the new with the chance to visit and enjoy a series of exclusive shops.

Running parallel to the Three Spires shopping centre the row connects Bore Street to Wade Street, TUDOR ROW provides an interesting access point to the new Lichfield Garrick Theatre, multi-storey car park, bus station and railway station, as well as to Market Street and the Market square.

TUDOR ROW is situated behind the Tudor of Lichfield — a well-established, family owned restaurant business housed in one of the city's oldest buildings.

Designed by Armstrong Falgate Cook of Burton upon Trent, Tudor Row was first opened in October 1980, winning an annual European architectural award.

The Row's width has been deliberately designed narrow to encourage an air of informality, giving Lichfield its own 20th-Century equivalent of The Lanes of Brighton or The Shambles of York.

From Bore Street

Leading to Bore Street

Towards Wade Street

Tudor Row from Wade Street